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I love what God has taught me through photography.  I love how He reminds me each time I look through the tiny viewfinder in the back of my camera that while my vision at that moment is so small, the big picture is what I’m after.  Our view about situations is sometimes so small yet He is always about the big picture in our lives.  We matter to God!

I guess my official title would be Vice President of “Let’s Have Fun While Taking Photos” – I’m waiting for my nametag to come in.  Oh, and I take a few pictures along the way too. I love watching my wife take pictures – I promise I’ll try and concentrate on taking your pictures, but pardon me while I stare.  Livestock photography is my passion and it's a rush being in the photo ring with a 2 ton bull who is trying to figure out why he's there.  I feel so incredibly fortunate to be able to do what I love -- spending time in the outdoors and meeting some pretty great people. 

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